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Crypto’s next wave is coming, and it can lift all of us

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CoinFlip was founded in 2015 as a company to make crypto safely and conveniently available to anyone. We believe cryptocurrency provides an inclusive financial system that puts individuals' needs first. That simple mission grew into a coast-to-coast network of bitcoin ATMs, where anyone can easily buy crypto with cash. But that was only the beginning. It’s time for Olliv to enter the picture.

What is Olliv? It’s all the stuff we’ve proven as a crypto company – the ability to get in touch with real humans 24/7, award-winning customer support, and a fully compliant approach – supercharged and available all the places our customers need us.

We won't simply be crypto kiosks anymore, we’re growing and spreading the ability to manage your crypto safely and on your terms:anywhere, any time.

The name changes, but we’ll still have low fees, the largest network of bitcoin ATMs by volume in the U.S., 24/7 customer support, and dedication to customer safety and security. Olliv by CoinFlip is still the best way to purchase and sell cryptocurrency, only now you can also do it from the comfort of your home. Kickstart your crypto investment journey today!

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